RV Instruments Pvt Ltd. is a quality manufacturer, reliable source of complete range of Liquid Handling Product manufacturing company. our Products are distributed through Chain of Dealer Network and exported to 35 countries worldwide. The Aim of the company is to produce high precision equipments on an affordable price to serve the Global Needs in the field of Science.



Based at Lucknow the city of Nawabs, city famous for its culture, Handicraft, Chikan artwork & established in 1998, RV instruments has acieved a remarkable presence in a short span of 15 years. After establishing its grounds in India, Now RV Instruments has focussed on the Export Market. It has been a continous endevour to provide high quality products on an afforbable price.



The Moto of our company is Think Micropipete Think RV. The Company provides a solid platform for its dealers and distributors and a prompt after sales support to its valued customers.The Timely feedback of our customers had always provided us an opportunity to be one of the leaders in the market.

This has developed a trust among our valued customers to build a relationship bond between us.



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